Business Meeting


Social Media, Marketing & Communications Mentor

Make digital transformation at the organisational, team and individual level an engaging and happy process for all.
Change is hard, but not with a dedicated and expert mentor.

Virtual Reality Device


Don't quit Uni. Learn How2 Learn Online

The University experience has changed exponentially since last year.
This is especially difficult for first year students, those used to practicum and HDR students. 
Rest assured, it is also an adjustment for faculty, who despite their tech savvy, are busy evolving their multi-modal learning environments too.
We are the cool head and guiding hand to lead you through the process and enable you to thrive in your studies online.

In the Classroom


for Teachers

Hassle-free, service for teachers wanting to build (or refine) their classrooms to technology enhanced learning environments online. 
Delivering your educational content in a distraction-free environment has never been easier.

Image by Annie Spratt


Set your child up for success online.

A lot of school children are currently toggling between screens, apps, devices and classes.

They are now using 'school suggested apps' that present new levels of exposure for school-aged children online - without the necessary protections. 

We put a smile and reassurance back into the process of keeping your children safe online.