We create technology enhanced learning environments for NSW teachers and their students.

As online educators ourselves, we know how empowering a 'helping hand' through the process of migrating and enhancing classes online, can be.

Up-skilling and selecting the best mix of media apps for your class is labour and time intensive.

We are a free service that help teachers create multi modal, distraction free,

near learning environments for their students.

Often times, teachers endure unnecessary stress when trying to migrate their classroom online.

By assisting teachers through the process of matching the available digital tools and platforms with the specific needs of their students, we aim to assist them maintain consistency across their teaching and learning environments.

Success for us is helping teachers get a little extra time to focus on the things they love to do: teach.

In the Classroom
Image by Annie Spratt
Virtual Reality Device


COVID-19 Online Learning Solution for Schools

Hassle-free, service for schools wanting to build (or refine) their classrooms to technology enhanced learning environments online. 
Delivering your educational content in a distraction-free environment has never been easier.


Set your child up for success learning online.

Need Help with remote learning?

A lot of school children are currently toggling between screens, apps, devices and classes.

Exhausted parents and carers are surviving the juggle of their own business practices with the ever-changing demands of 2020 schooling scenarios.


Don't quit Uni. Learn How2 Learn Online

The University experience has changed exponentially this year.
This is especially difficult for first year students, those used to practicum and HDR students. 
Rest assured, it is also an adjustment for faculty, who despite their tech savvy, are busy evolving their multi-modal learning environments.


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