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Craft Ideas in quarantine

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Children have a never-ending supply of energy that we as adults tend to envy. Their boundless creativity and excitement are a great reminder that even while we are facing uncertainty each day, there are still simple things we can find joy in.

Below are some craft ideas that can make isolation seem less like a necessity and more like a child’s paradise.

Try to utilise things you have around the house like old egg cartons, empty cereal boxes and old toilet paper rolls (we hear there are a few about), to transform another day in isolation into the stuff of memories.

Around-the-house scavenger hunt

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. Hide some of your child’s favourite toys around the house and give them some simple riddles.

Alternatively, you can write a clue to a location and have another clue leading them to another location and so on.

In the final destination have a prize such as their favourite treat or a new toy.

Write a list of the things you have hidden and create themed clues for each toy.

Take your child's age as a guide: Don't make it too easy as they may lose interest, and don't go too cryptic as they may feel irritated or upset if they can’t solve the puzzle.

Below are some examples of clues you can use.

  1. I rain on you when you need a scrub, you can use me or my friend the tub!

  2. Everyone says that I’m one cool dude, find me where you keep fresh food!

  3. I have hair that does not grow, you can dress me in my favourite bow!

Answers: (1) Shower, (2) Fridge, (3) Dolls

Scavenger Hunt Craft Idea

Also, consider designing a treasure map for your child to follow around the house.

Scrunch up some paper, run some damp tea bags across it and let it dry.

Using a marker or felt tip pen, draw a rough outline of the house, and add in some details.

Recycled golf course

Using things you can find around the house, make yourself a mini putt-putt course!

All you need is a small ball (such as a ping pong ball), a plastic cup, a stick, broom or anything with a handle.

Plus, anything else you can gather up such as a toilet roll, pieces of cardboard, larger toys, containers or even pillows to add in obstacles.

If you have Lego pieces, you can also build bridges or ramps to place on the course.

The aim is to get the ball into the cup at the end of the course!

You can set up multiple courses with your child for endless fun.

Consider using pool noodles or anything long to separate the different holes from each other.

This activity can work as a 2-in-1 as your child will have fun both making the course and playing it!

Golf Course Craft Idea


Another great craft idea for your child is to make your own bookmarks.

These are easy to make and will allow them to let their creativity flourish.

Simply cut up some paper or cardboard and let your child run free with pencils, markers, or paint to design their new favourite bookmark.

This can also encourage them to read more as they can put their amazing new craft to good use!

These are also great gift ideas for their friends or for a loved one if you are unable to go out and purchase something due to isolation.

Bookmark Craft Idea

Craft Ideas are endless, so set some time in the week for your child to use their imagination and create whatever they want.

These ideas can be great breaks from homeschooling, online learning and even working from home and can foster stronger relationships within your family.

And don't worry about the mess - you have plenty of time at home to clean it up!

If you would like further craft ideas feel free to read our 'Craft Ideas for Children during Quarantine' Module below.

Craft Ideas for Children during Quaranti
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