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Organised Crime and Drugs in Australian Sport

Updated: May 18, 2020

The Australian Commission on Crime released their Organised Crime and Drugs in Australian Sport Report and the heads of all four football codes, as well as, Cricket Australia, presented a united force with the Federal Minister for Sport at a press conference in Canberra.

Today’s press conference was the first of it’s kind in Australian sporting history.

It was also, somewhat premature. So what was the point of presenting a report limited in scope thanks to ongoing police investigations and judicial enquiries...?

All but one CEO faltered when questioned directly on missteps specific to their codes, which comes as no great surprise, when the AFL continually outperforms all other codes when it comes to proactive media management.

As you’d expect, the Minister’s Response was efficient.

Although I suspect there are a few athlete’s shifting uncomfortably…

So much so, I would not be surprised if the ‘shock and awe’ expressed by the mass media today on behalf of the Australian general public, is only the start of revelations far more shocking than those discussed by the powers that be to date.

Anyone else have a feeling of de ja vu…?

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